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Here At Imrans we strive to give you the best of taste and outstanding service. Its not just our food that makes us so great.We work extremely hard to make sure everything is perfect for you

A Full Range of Tasteful Variety of Dishes!

Don’t worry about the size of the portions. For those hungry eaters they are plentiful also. Why go somewhere to eat a single dish. We have a huge selection to allow you to choose what is to your liking without compromising on quality.

Talented & Experienced Chefs At Your Service

Our Partner Mr Rajah award winning chef since the opening have created the best dishes in town. Mr R.Miah says ‘’These dishes are eaten at home and functions. I’m cooking these dishes for the first time in our restaurant to let you experience the home cooking'’

Imran Balti Hut Established in 1994

The doors were opened by three talented business partners

- Messrs A & Y Boksh
- Mr Rajah Miah

Mr Rajah, our very dedicated and talented head chef has won many awards since 1988, including best chef award in 1997 and West Midlands' Best Curry Chef award 1998.

Traditional Balti


The first Punjab traditional balti restaurant & Takeaway in Northampton. We pride ourselves with a vast amount of knowledge in the restaurant trade.
Customers who choose to dine with us, regularly eat with us again and again.
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Here at Imran Balti Hut, we strive to give you the best of service. Our reception staff are warm and welcoming, our Waiters are courteous and always available.

We work extremely hard to make your dining experience a truly memorable one.Click on the link below to get a preview of the buzzing atmosphere.

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A Newly Furbished  - IMRAN with traditional famous balti dishes and now introducing home-cooking staff dishes by our award winning chef.

Whats Balti & Our AIM?

Balti dishes are from the traditional Punjab part of Pakistan where they cook the food in an iron wok and normally serve it with a big nan so it can be shared between a family. At Imran, our aim is to bring people together. we serve our food on balti's, platter sizzlers, and large family nan, which allow family and friends to share the experience of eating, drinking and laughing in the spirit of the Punjab families, or the good old days.


Our dedicated and experienced head chef Mr Rajah, has won many awards since 1988, including best chef award in 1997 and ‘West Midlands Best Curry’ award in 1998. He also spent four years in Sylhet, Bangladesh perfecting his skills for new home (style) dishes and further enhancing his knowledge in catering for large functions.